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How Nursery Rhymes Helps Parents in Molding their Children the Right Way

The biggest, tallest and strongest places and things in the world all started from scratch. Imagine Engineers and architects working day and night just to get the right twists and turns that will make the foundation strong enough to last years and provide many with shelter and retreat. I for one, take developing something seriously, because after all, huge things come from small beginnings, and the right things will make it even better and stronger. Just like raising a child, parents must learn the ways that will mold their children into decent, compassionate, smart and good hearted individuals.

Believe it or not, the nursery rhymes that your parents recite to you and the ones you learn from daycare and school has a lot to do in molding and developing a child the right way. It may seem to be just a mixture of simple or gibberish words that rhyme and tell a story, but there is more than meets the eye and ears. Now if you want to know more about this, check this out:

  1. Repetition Recognition

Nursery Rhymes are often repetitive and are made up of simple and short words. This is actually good for your child because the repetition of the words actually helps him or her remember words easily. It also aids them in recognizing units of sounds and are able to develop the ability to understand make up words. So don’t get tired reading or telling it to them over and over again.

  1. Love for Books

Nursery rhymes also help make a way for children to be bookish or just simply love reading books. The thought of listening and waiting for the climax and narrative part of the plot gives them the sense of excitement and makes them wonder what comes next. And where do you read your nursery rhymes? From books of course! So do not hesitate to buy some nursery rhyme books from the bookstore because they are definitely worth every penny.

  1. Movement Development

Most nursery rhymes also encourage kids to do actions while reciting them. This is a good chance of developing your child’s motor skills as well as remembering patterns for movement. Remember “I’m a Little Tea Pot”? It encourages action while singing or reading it right? So your kids will be forced to move and demonstrate some actions for every line in the rhyme. It’s a fine way of getting some exercise too.

  1. Words Sound Familiarization

Finally, Nursery rhymes can actually help your child be familiar with words and help them internally recognize and distinguish what kind of words they are hearing. It helps your child segment words into various categories which they will be able to recognize as well as be familiar with the sounds of letters in the process. This is a very important factor if you want your child to learn reading, writing and spelling with ease. Two birds hit with one stone right?