Where Can I Find A Great Travel Size Hairbrush?

Size Hairbrush

We’ve all been there; you’re out and about and don’t look in the mirror for hours. Once you do, you gasp at the site of your hair. It’s a tangled mess! You didn’t grab your full-size brush because it’s too bulky to carry along, but you don’t have a travel size hairbrush with you.

Now What?

You can either go home and fix yourself up again or deal with it. Neither sounds ideal.

Instead, you need a brush that can travel well with you. A lightweight brush that has a protective cover, and has a mirror would be ideal, right? You’d have a clean, functional, and helpful beauty tool with you all the time.

You wouldn’t have to go home or just deal with looking like a hot mess. It’s the answer to your problem.

Where Should You Look For A Travel Hairbrush?

You could probably find travel hairbrushes at your local drugstore in their travel section. But, they’re usually flimsy and don’t have a protective cover. If you put that brush in your purse, it’ll pick up the lint, dirt, and debris floating around your purse. You probably don’t want that in your hair.

If it’s flimsy, it won’t do your hair any good either. Forget about it detangling your hair. It may even break your hair more than help it!

Instead, look for a travel size hairbrush online. You’ll likely find a wide selection, but make sure you look for specific features for the best results, giving your hair what it needs.

What Features Should A Travel Hairbrush Have?

Every woman wants/needs something different, but when you’re looking for a quality yet perfectly sized hairbrush for your purse, look for:

  • Strong bristles that will go through wet or dry hair. You need a brush that won’t break your hair but will also get through those gnarly tangles from the wind.
  • Multiple functions to cut down on the accessories you must carry in your purse.
  • Great protection to keep the bristles clean and prevent them from damaging your hair.
  • An ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold, ensuring you’ll use it more often.

You want a brush that’s convenient, lightweight, yet does a great job helping you take care of your hair.

Why Carry A Travel Size Hairbrush?

You may wonder why you would need yet another brush, right? You already have one at home that you love – why another?

Here’s why.

Your hair needs constant brushing. Whether you’re out in the wind and come in looking like a hot mess or you’re out all day and haven’t brushed your hair. Not only does it get tangled just from moving around, brushing your hair often is healthy for it.

When you brush your hair more often, it tangles less. When hair tangles less it’s easier to take care of, which means using less product and fussing less with your hair.

Brushing your hair often also stimulates the scalp, which means more hair growth. If you are tired of cleaning up hair from the shower drain or bathroom floor, it’s a sign that you need to brush your hair more. Brushing it just once a day isn’t enough – your hair needs constant care, making carrying a travel brush with you important.

Don’t Leave Home Without A Travel Brush

You see by now how important a travel brush is to have with you. Lugging around your full-size brush isn’t ideal. Sure, it may be good for your hair, but carrying it in your purse unprotected leaves your brush susceptible to damage and dirt – neither of which you want.

The right travel-sized brush will give your hair the care it needs while providing other functions. You want a brush that will enhance your hair’s health, not hurt it more. While ignoring your hair’s needs isn’t ideal, using a flimsy, broken, or dirty brush is just about as bad. Find the perfect travel brush for your needs and carry it with you wherever you go!