Examples & Templates for Starting a Product Review Blog

Examples & Templates for Starting a Product Review Blog

With affiliate marketing, you can make money from your blog.

Making money online with ad banners is a terrible idea. By 2020, less than 0.1% of viewers will click on an ad banner, and that number will only increase.

A quarter of all visitors block ads. Less people see the ads on your blog.

Your pockets will be lighter as a result.

According to me, affiliate marketing is the best method for monetizing your blog. This is perhaps my favorite of the eight ways to make money with a blog.

You can use affiliate marketing effectively by writing product review blogs. A product review blogger can write three types of blog posts:

  • Analyzes a product in detail
  • Comparing a product with other products in the market – How does it compare?
  • After purchasing a product, how to use it

This article will primarily focus on reviewing and the format to use for them.

As someone who has created a product review blog, I can assure you that it works well. Affiliate marketing is the only source of income for my site Investor Junkie. During 2018, I sold the blog.

As a matter of fact, most of the websites that have sold for more than seven figures were also product review blogs.

As one of the last steps before purchasing a product, consumers look for product reviews. Google now provides online access to what used to be found in Consumer Reports magazines.

There are many things you need to do to ensure the success of your product review blog. The following guide will help you get started. My advice is usually charged per hour.

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1. Choose a Niche

Creating a product review blog requires you to either have experience in that industry or hire writers who are experienced in it.

I find nothing more frustrating than reading a review of a product written by someone who either doesn’t have the qualifications to review a product or doesn’t actually use it.

Topics for product reviews can be very diverse, and they can fall into a wide variety of niches. For example:

  • Stunning
  • Athletes
  • Customer
  • Eating
  • I’m healthy
  • The digital world
  • Technology and computers
  • Programs

I could write a whole book on picking your niche. Before moving on to the next stage, you should decide your niche and make a wise choice.

2. Create your Own Blog

Bluehost is your best option if you’re just getting started and looking for low-cost, no-frills web hosting. For the first year, you get a free domain name and a one-click WordPress installation. Within minutes, you’ll be blogging away.

Next, you need to create your blog based on your niche. (If you want more details, check out my how to start a blog and make money article.)

It is recommended that you use Bluehost. A blog for product reviews is a perfect start.

My service includes installing and setting up WordPress for free when you order Bluehost through me. I recommend themes and plugins. Additionally, I’ll provide you with my first blog, Ready, Set…! Free course.

3. Utilize a Template for Product Reviews

You need a good layout and detailed reviews to make your product review blog successful. For each review (or at least for all reviews in the same category), a standardized format is recommended. By creating a standard operating procedure, each review becomes easier to write (and more easily delegated to other reviewers).

My recommended template for product reviews can be found below. It was perfected after years of testing and analyzing heat maps.

You should include the following sections in every blog post you write: