Hollywood Smile Dental in Istanbul

Hollywood Smile Dental in Istanbul

The pricing structure at Hollywood Smile in Istanbul is flexible, based on the patient’s dental condition, personal preferences, and medical history. Prices are also subject to currency fluctuations. Moreover, if a patient requires multiple dental treatments, the prices may change. For this reason, patients should inquire about the cost of dental treatment before scheduling an appointment.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy mouth. It can prevent a number of oral problems, including gum disease. Preventive dental care in Istanbul is offered by a number of dentists. These dentists specialize in various types of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, and endodontics. These dentists use the latest technology to treat patients. They also use panoramic x-ray guides and state-of-the-art dental equipment.

Dental care in Turkey is very affordable, and the country has many high-quality dentists. The country’s dental care facilities are up-to-date and feature modern equipment and a comfortable environment. Turkey also has state-of-the-art dental labs and X-ray machines. You can expect quality dental work, which can be done in as little as one to two visits.


There are many qualified dental clinics in Turkey that provide Hollywood smile dental treatments. Before selecting one, it’s important to make sure that the center is reputable and offers a good track record. Make sure that the dentist is experienced in the specific areas you want treated and that the clinic has a properly equipped operation room. The first consultation you’ll have will help the dentist assess the current condition of your teeth. If you have any other dental problems, these must be treated before going for a Hollywood smile.

After a thorough consultation, your dentist will determine the best treatment plan for your needs. This may involve multiple consultations and assessments. You can also choose to have the procedure performed in an outpatient setting. Hollywood smile dental in Istanbul involves two separate stages. The first stage involves examining your teeth and jaw. The dentist will determine the shade and material of the veneers based on these measurements. You may even be given temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent veneers.


Hollywood smile dental in Istanbul is a dental procedure that creates a white, bright smile for patients. The procedure involves placing dental veneers on your teeth to cover up discolored or cracked teeth, and creates a brand new, dazzling smile. This type of procedure can be customized to fit your needs, so it is possible to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey - From A to ZIs it Worth It?

Patients who are considering Hollywood smile treatments need to have healthy gums and no critical health issues. This is because they will be better candidates for the procedure when their gums are healthy and pink. Another benefit of porcelain veneers is that they are very durable. This type of material is anti-smudge and can last much longer than composite resin. This material is also less expensive and easier to apply to your teeth.


If you are a Turkish citizen, you can choose from a range of dentists in Istanbul to have your Hollywood smile made. The cosmetic dentists of Turkey are renowned and talented, and the cost of the treatment is considerably low compared to many other countries. The cost of the procedure will depend on the clinic you choose, and the number of sessions that you need. Other factors can increase the price, such as the materials that are used.

In addition to the cost, you should also keep in mind that dental prosthesis will require a high level of maintenance in order to extend their lifespan. Flossing daily and brushing after every meal are recommended for optimal results. Moreover, dental prosthesis will require regular checkups and scaling to maintain their beauty and function. When properly taken care of, they can last between ten and thirty years.