How Can Private Cemeteries Use QR Codes Today?

How Can Private Cemeteries Use QR Codes Today?

Want to test if QR codes can last for a lifetime? Cemeteries are putting these 2D barcodes on gravestones and enabling some to work even after a decade has passed.

Since 2012, QR codes in cemeteries have enabled cemeteries to tell the stories of the deceased to visitors.

Tech companies incorporate its use to direct the living to a website where the dead is featured and commemorated.

To date, these codes are not only used to tell the stories of the deceased, but also to modernize the way cemeteries operate.

With their use of a free QR code generator with logo online, here are some of the ways private cemeteries can use QR codes in the modern world.

Uses of QR codes in Private Cemeteries today

QR Codes to Store The Deceased’s Life Story

Now you can easily know the story behind a person’s death. That is, if you’re curious enough.

Cemeteries can use QR codes to store the background story of the deceased and let the visitors know more about the dead.

Surviving families and cemeteries do this by attaching a QR code to the gravestone. In the US, Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa, and more are using QR codes to tell the stories of those who have passed, so they will be remembered for generations to come.

Cemeteries can use a QR code generator with logo online to customize their QR code and have the option to add their family crest in the design.

Tell The Location of the Deceased in the Cemetery

In a cemetery, it can be challenging to locate the deceased to pay respects if you are unfamiliar with its location.

As some cemeteries are built like a maze, people require their cemeteries to give out their cemetery maps to visitors, surviving families, and acquaintances of the deceased.

They can use QR codes to store a digital copy of the cemetery map and lead people to a PDF or high-quality copy for more information.

Keep a High-Quality Image Copy of the Deceased

The surviving family can use QR codes to keep an image gallery of the things the deceased treasures.

Cemeteries can ask the families to share photos of the deceased in their area.

An image QR code can be used to attach a high-quality image of the deceased and let the visitors get a high-definition view of it.

Another way is to use the H5 page QR code to build an image gallery landing page. The QR code, when scanned, shows the images of the deceased from childhood to their final days.

Store The Cemetery Contact Information 

Do people want to file a complaint or inquire about the cemetery their loved one is laid to rest but don’t know where to contact you?

Private cemeteries can take advantage of using QR codes to store their contact information and place them in their cemetery gate or the information desk.

Through this, their visitors will only scan the code to save their contact information to their phones.

Another way for visitors and surviving families to contact them is to lead them to their social media pages and leave a message.

These modern times have called for better ways to preserve the legacy of loved ones who have passed away. Because of that, the surviving family is using modern technology like QR codes to keep their memories alive.

QR codes have penetrated almost every sector today, and cemeteries have also adapted to using them in order to serve visitors better.