How to Design Simple Save the Dates

How to Design Simple Save the Dates

Save-the-date cards can be a wonderful option to give your guests an idea of the date for your wedding , with plenty of time to plan accommodation, travel and other things (the ideal outfit doesn’t appear). In addition, with different styles and colors and designs, they’re also an excellent opportunity to provide guests with an idea of the wedding atmosphere. However, to reserve your wedding day on their calendars, all your guests really need to know is the date and location of your celebration–everything else can be communicated later on your wedding invitation suite and wedding website. Conversely, simple save the dates (think simple embellishments, patterns or colors) are a good choice for couples who haven’t chosen their wedding or those who prefer a minimalist design style.

Save the dates for visitors’ initial glimpse at the wedding’s style, general theme and overall atmosphere They’re also a great opportunity to make an excellent first impression. This is why it’s crucial to create distinct date savers that show the persona of your couple, and also the type the wedding that you’re planning. This will ensure that your guests can make a note of the date and be excited. Simple sunflower themed save the date card intended to notify your family and friends about your wedding ceremony and ensure that they reserve a date or weekend for this particular occasion, mark the big day on their calendars, and begin planning ahead of time.

Timing Is Everything


Wedding invitations are typically sent out between six and eight weeks before the wedding However, save-the-date cards should be distributed at least four to six months in advance of the date. So guests can to search for transport and schedule a flight that is convenient or hotel reservation and make other arrangements. The biggest events are social events that everyone wants to go to, including close friends and family members from nearby and far. Making sure you send them out in advance beforehand makes it more likely that all attendees will have the chance be able to.

Keep It Sweet And Simple


Today’s save the dates cards are able to be designed using the familiarity and comfort of the home as well as bridal invitations and graduation announcements or any other correspondence that is relevant. Family photos, personalized messages, and custom-designed colors can be incorporated to coordinate with the theme and color scheme of the event. The main message should inform guests what’s going on and when it will happen. Couples may include a brief poem or other sentimental gestures of love when there’s room. They aren’t as formal than wedding invitations. It is fine to be a little more fun, casual or imaginative.

What To Include


When you design save-the-date cards, remember that the only data to be included is the date and the place. Area and travel information could include as well. It could be directions to the local airport, suggested hotels or resorts, helpful telephone numbers, as well as information regarding any plans for group bookings which are available. If you’re employing an online wedding coordinator website, or other service online it is possible to include the hyperlink as an extra service towards your guests. On the bottom of your invitation, make certain to mention”Formal invitation to be followed.’ So, guests be aware of what they can anticipate.

What Not To Include

Save the dates cards are not meant to provide specific information regarding the ceremony in itself. This is not the appropriate time or venue for discussing the dinner rehearsal, reception or the ceremony. It’s not appropriate to include registry information also. People who want to know registry details can inquire directly, or wait until wedding invitations have been sent out. Response requests aren’t included. These notices are simply an courtesy “heads-up” to guests who are traveling long distances and other people who might require to be notified, whether for professional, personal or medical reasons an advance notification.

Whether you decide to go the traditional route, or you want to mix it up by mailing something different like a keepsake, here are unique save the date ideas for every type of wedding style.



One of the most creative ways to remind your guests about your wedding’s date is by sending save the date-themed magnets. The guests will place the magnets on their refrigerators and will be reminded regularly to be excited about the wedding celebration that is coming up.


Terrazzo is a kind of stone with its fun pattern of confetti, it is becoming a cult item in the world of interior design. This trend has also found its appearance in wedding stationery and wedding stationery, so your save the date made of terrazzo is sure to make a big style statement.


With the many choices of save-the-date options that you have  it’s difficult to choose only one! Inform your guests that the wedding is a destination by choosing an image that resembles the look of a postcard. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding. You will love the vintage postcard style that depicts a beautiful sunset over the ocean. This can surely increase the excitement of your big day.

Funny Save The Dates

Avoid formal language and show guests a glimpse into your character by creating those save-the-dates to make them look like you. Fun phrases and words like “Free cake!” and “Open Bar!” or “Open Bar!” will entertain guests and also make them look forward to the wedding in the future. You might enjoy reading our humorous wedding vows ideas as well! Here are some more humorous ideas and phrases to think about:

  • Food is good. Excellent music. Bad dancing.
  • Open bar!
  • Free drinks!
  • It will also be a celebration. With crowds. We’ll wait.
  • Join us for a beer. Enjoy the wedding.
  • Food, drinks and bad dance moves.
  • Take-Two! (for an alteration of the time card)
  • We could do with another year of dance training. (for the purpose of a alteration of the time card)

At the end of the day, you can be confident that any stationery design you see on Basic invite is one-of-a-kind in its own way. All of our original graphics are created by brilliant independent artists from across the world.