Revamp Your Printed Saree: Here Are 5 New Ways to Style It

Revamp Your Printed Saree: Here Are 5 New Ways to Style It

The beauty, elegance, and grace of a printed saree are quite hard to frame into a few words. Ladies go gaga over this outfit; they will choose these traditional sarees over western clothes any day. It is one of the most gracious garments that will allow you to steal the show and evolve as a showstopper quite immediately. By wearing these sarees in various ways, you can now choose to turn a lot of heads toward you.

However, draping a saree with top-notch perfection is not as easy as slaying in them. If you don’t know how to deal with your pleats and pallu, it might make you feel frustrated after a certain point in time. This is why you must consider taking a quick look at this article right away. Here, you will be able to explore different ways of draping a saree, thus saying no to all kinds of hindrances. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

● Printed Sarees- You Can Opt for the Butterfly Style

The Butterfly style of wearing a saree is ruling the fashion industry in this highly competitive and volatile market. You can now choose to look absolutely modern without sliding inside a bulky saree. In order to achieve this particular style, all you need to do is make thin pleats in the upper portion and create a butterfly-like shape in the lower portion. This amazing way of styling your saree will make you look gorgeous and slimmer.

● Printed Sarees- You Can Incorporate a Belt

After you are done draping your saree, you can consider incorporating a western belt or Indian Kamar Bandh. This style is certainly one of the best game changers that adds glamor to your otherwise simple look. Apart from that, these belts will seamlessly draw other people’s attention toward your waistline. Dear ladies, it’s time to ace your look among the huge pack.

● Printed Saree- You Can Choose to Button it Up

Do you love to wear your shirts again and again? Did you just purchase a super retro vintage shirt from the nearest clothing store? If yes, you can now style this western outfit with your traditional saree. All you need to do is drape your hand-printed or simple plain saree over your favorite shirt, and that’s it. This style will enable you to nail it like an icon!

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● Printed Sarees- Pair Them with Crop Tops and Leggings

If you want to go absolutely bold, opting for this specific style is a must. By draping a handwoven saree, you can now add dimensions by incorporating crop tops and leggings pants. The epitome of casual and cool yet trendy and flirty, this unique style will make you look hot and spicy.

● Printed Saree- Go for the Unique Combination of a Jacket and Saree

To be honest, a saree and a jacket go hand in hand. You can try the unique combination of a sleek handloom saree and boxy jacket, thus seeking all the attention toward you. What are you waiting for? Grab one of these nice structured jackets now!

The Bottom Line

Wearing your printed saree in these various styles will enable you to achieve an eye-catching entry at the next event. You won’t regret investing your hard-earned bucks at all.