That Special Day Captured For Ever

The use of professional artistic wedding photography can make all of the difference to that special day and add a unique element to otherwise traditional wedding photos. With the employment of techniques such as alternative settings and extreme contrasts, an expert photographer can create artistic wedding photos that uniquely convey the couple’s personality and style. Photos that are taken candidly, and at bird’s-eye view and ground-level angles can definitely add a dimension of perspective to the wedding album.

An unusual surrounding is one kind of artistic wedding photography that can assist in conveyingjust who the couple really are and what are their interests and hobbies. The wedding couple can be photographed wearing fancy clothing while standing knee-deep in the sea, a wheat field or a park fountain. This extreme contrast in photographs will make them more visually attractive, such as having a bride and groom playing mud football or cycling round a racetrack or riding a tractor, and all in their wedding clothes.

And for those who really want to go the limit and those candid moments

Brides who will not be hanging on to their dresses after the ceremony might be willing to go even further for artistic photographs, such as going rock climbing, bungee jumping, surfing or even playing paintball in their gowns! A professional Sydney wedding photographer will make sure your wedding will be memorable forever.

Taking candid shots — instead of posed — of the bride, groom and wedding party on that special dayis yet another type of increasingly popular, artistic wedding photography. Pictures of the bride chatting with her father, a flower girl pretending to be a bride, or the mother of the bride and groom hugging before the event,will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the events of the day. Plus, more candid photos of the groom and his groomsmen mucking around before the event, helping each other to get ready or decorating the get-away car,shall also add an extra essential feature to the couple’s photos of their big day.

Getting that angle perfect

Angles can be diverse from the usual face-on, shoulder-height shots used for shooting conventional kinds of photos, or it can embrace more dramatic angles, such as shooting straight down on the ring bearer and flower girl or the wedding guests. By utilising ladders, balconies and stairways to shoot bird’s-eye view photos from various angles, this will offer a new perspective of the events of the wedding. Views from the side and low angles also offer artistic talent and subject matter, such as shooting a photo of the guests’ or wedding couple’s feet from ground level.

Either in a darkroom, with computer software or even while shooting the photos, special effects can be easily be used in artistic wedding photography. Offbeat colouring techniques, filters and lenses can create artistic wedding photography results which are spectacular. Photographs can also be taken in black and white or sepia tones, which produce a classic vintage effect on modern-day photos.

May your special day be one recorded beautifully in time for eternity!