What Kind Of Shoes Actually Suits You


One of the essential accessories that says a lot about the person who wears them are shoes. A man whose shoes look impeccable and always perfect shows us that he is careful, meticulous and that he cares about his image, while those who wear them carelessly will transmit sloppiness, passivity and even stress.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Shoe?

The most important thing to take into account when choosing a shoe (when I speak of a shoe I mean footwear that does not exceed the ankle) is undoubtedly its comfort, since footwear is what protects our feet and protects it.

If it is not comfortable, in addition to causing injuries, it will make us feel uncomfortable and even irritable. This, in turn, will be reflected in our relationships with others.

Another thing to consider is its durability: if you want shoes that will last you long, choose good quality ones. The best are those made in northern Italy.

Once we have seen its comfort, its durability and of course its cleanliness, we are going to see the models.

As we always say, everything you choose at the fashion level has to be adapted to your style, and within it, at the right time.

Types Of Shoes

Here I am going to show you some of them:

Oxford Shoe

Surely you have heard of it and, if not, from now on you will, as it has been a trend for a few years for both men and women. The Oxford is that shoe whose design is completely smooth, in leather and Prussian stitching, and that is tied with laces.

The most classic and ideal for formal events are those in black (you can use it with a suit jacket, morning suit, tailcoat or tuxedo ), while those in brown go well with jeans, tweed jackets , corduroy pants … say, for more informal moments.


It is the same as the oxford shoes for men, only it has small perforations. We can distinguish two styles; the semi-brogue, with stippling both in the seams and on the toe, and the full-brogue, which presents said stippling with drawings not only on the toe but also on the wings.



We would classify this model as semi-formal, since you can wear it with a suit jacket but not with a label. It differs from the previous ones in that the stippling only appears in the seams; the rest is completely smooth.

Blucher Or Derby

It is characterized by its side seam, which is sewn from the outside to the front, becoming a tongue. Its last is wider and more open than that of the Oxford and we can find it in caramel color (reddish brown).