How to Size a Ring


How to Size a Ring using Ring Guard Stronghold

The guards of the fortress ring act as the AA film to adjust the size of your ring. The two branches of the sheath in the same direction around the strip to ensure its maintenance. The metal edges are rounded to prevent scratching or snag clothing. The metal is malleable making it easy for anyone to be able to connect only the teeth around its nucleus.

How to Size a Ring using a Counter Loc Ring Guard

Loc ring guards are very easy and fast to use. Such rings are preferred by experienced jeweler’s ease of use and strength of the hold. The forks are wrapped into opposite directions to provide a locking engagement against the band, to ensure a secure and reliable. The rounded edges make it comfortable to wear and prevent it from catching on clothing.

How to Size a Ring using a Plastic Ring Guard

Protective plastic ring inexpensive appliance is an excellent option to use the rings that will soon be permanently companies. For a ring that is too big to wear a protective plastic ring can be easily fixed in the belt of an immediate solution.

They act as a temporary solution to resize the ring. The plastic will prevent scratches or damage can make a metal band. Another advantage of using a meter of plastic rings in metal is to avoid metal-based versions of the rings may sometimes cause irritation. Those with sensitive skin can use a plastic protective ring to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

How to Size a Ring using a Spring Ring Guard

This style of ring protection is our number one choice for the semi-permanent ring size. Guard ring gauges are spring automatic adjustment ring to adjust up to 3stone ring sizes rings.

So if the finger is continuously fluctuating in size is the best style to use, because once the guard ring is the ring to be adjusted according to the finger. The hidden leaf spring ensures a firm, even tension during assembly of the joints, making it soft and comfortable to wear.


This method of designing a ring is profitable and avoids permanently changing a ring size having to cut and weld the rod back to the ring size.

How to Size a Ring with increasing ring size

  • Put the ring on the finger you want to use. Do not force it if you do not enter. It is enough to put it above the knuckle.
  • Mark the centre of the ring in the back to wearing it. The fingers have a perfectly round, so it is best to mark the ring post. This way, You say you look good.
  • Cut the ring where you put the mark with pliers to cut wire.
  • Gently open the ring with flat nose pliers. Try to open both sides of the ring.
  • Sand the cut ends with a file until smooth.
  • Use the rougher side of the file to smooth the edges so there are no areas that may require aspirate. It should be completely smooth.
  • Try the ring.
  • If necessary, open over the ring until you have the correct size.
  • Try on the ring again. The ring should fit comfortably around your finger, and the ends of the open part should not fit into your finger to move it.

How to Size a Ring with Reducing the Size of the Ring

  • Marking the centre of the rear ring.
  • Cut the ring where you marked w ith the pliers to cut wire.
  • Sale ends limándolos a bit of both. Lima a little bit one end and at the other end.
  • Closes are the opening of the ring.
  • Continue smoothing the ends of the ring until you have the correct size.
  • Give an excellent finish. You can do smoothing the union of the ends to make it completely smooth, or you can weld the joint.