Gentlemen From Head To Toe Tips From Blacksocks

Gentlemen From Head To Toe Tips From Blacksocks

Office Attire Tips from Internet Style Crusader Samy Liechti

Samy Liechti, BLACKSOCKS’ Swiss founder, entrepreneur, and the ultimate gentleman, shares these fashion tips to keep your office look definitively dapper.

Internet sock innovator Liechti founded BLACKSOCKS after unwittingly donning hole-ridden socks at a shoeless business dinner with Japanese executives.  Though business casual has permeated offices and workplaces around the country, there is still something to be said for dress for success.

  • Avoid the bulge. You know to trim and tailor your suit, but don’t forget about your coat! Choose something that fits your body and complements your suits. That bright and bulky parka is for climbing a mountain, not the corporate ladder.
  • Accessories matter. Especially for important meetings and corporate gatherings, be aware of what you bring to the table—literally. Take the time to choose a professional briefcase, portfolio and other supplies, and you’ll make a good impression.
  • Don’t let your look get fuzzy. Drop a few dollars on a tape roller from your local drugstore to catch lint and pet hair before you leave for the office. They come in mini sizes, too, so don’t hesitate to buy one for the office or coat pocket.
  • Stow an extra shirt and tie. Donut Fridays may have seemed like a good idea until jelly ends up on your shirt. Keep a versatile shirt and tie in the office for the next time stains strike, and don’t forget to replace anything you wear.

  • Wear the right shades. All sunglasses are not created equal. Those plastic, wraparound shades may be perfect for a day at the beach, but not a day at the office. Choose aviators or other wire-rimmed frames for a sophisticated look.
  • Scarves aren’t just for the winter. It doesn’t have to be freezing for you to warm up your wardrobe with a wool or cotton scarf. Darker colors and longer lengths are best, so choose one that best complements your personality.
  • Long sleeves are better. Choose long-sleeved shirts in classy colors for the best look. Short sleeves are often seen as outdated and may not be professional enough for your office. Long-sleeved options are also much more versatile.
  • Flat-front is often better. Even if you enjoy more room, flat-front pants are often the choice above pleated pants. You can always buy a size up and have a tailor take in the waist.
  • 9. Always avoid white socks. It doesn’t matter if it’s after Labor Day, Arbor Day or Flag Day—white socks are never appropriate with business attire. Unless your business happens to play out on the tennis court, stick with dark socks made of quality fabric.