Why Are More Men Going For Bespoke Suits Today? Your Top Questions Answered

Whilst it’s perfectly convenient for anyone to walk into a shop and purchase a ready to wear suit, it’s rare for any man to find the most perfect suit for their body type. Chances are, even if you find a good enough suit off the rack, you’ll still have to make one or two adjustments to it. And, let’s face it, since ready to wear suits are made following a generic pattern, it can be challenging to be completely comfortable in them. The thing is, you want a suit that adheres to your body and makes you feel and look good, too. So what’s the solution? The answer is simple, really. A bespoke suit. But what exactly is a bespoke suit, and why are more men going for bespoke suits today? Here, your top questions are answered.

What It Is

First and foremost, what is a bespoke suit? Bespoke suits have a long history, and the process of creating bespoke suits was perfected way back in the 1700s. Many men understand how essential a bespoke suit can be, it’s an invaluable addition to their wardrobe, and it’s an investment that’s worth it – and that lasts. The entire suit is made to your precise and exact measurements, and the process of making a bespoke suit is meticulous and highly-detailed, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

The bespoke suit process allows you to customise your suit according to your specifications, choosing everything from the fabric and material to the cut and smaller elements such as sleeves, cuffs, buttons, and lapels. Bespoke suits require your accurate measurements so the tailor can create the suit following every single contour of your body, your height, and your size.

The Real Benefits Of The Bespoke Suit

With a bespoke suit, you can have a suit that’s made with the ideal fit. This simply means that you don’t have to settle for a suit that may be too long in one sleeve or too short in the legs, or a suit that looks baggy on your shoulders just because your shoulders aren’t too broad. You can also have a suit that you can wear comfortably on any occasion, whether it’s at a grand event such as a wedding, or a simple business gathering or conference.

The quality of bespoke suits is also much better than ready to wear suits. For one, you can choose the fabric and material and go for a material that suits the climate. Ready to wear suits can quickly show signs of wear and tear simply because they aren’t often made with the highest quality materials, and you will probably notice signs such as frayed stitches, worn-out elbows and knees, and colours and patterns which have faded even after just a few times wearing the suit.

With a bespoke suit, you can be as fashionable as you want – or as old school and classic as you want as well. There are various trends in suits which those in the know are aware of, and if you want to follow these trends, then you can do so with a bespoke suit. On the other hand, you can stay classic with tried and tested colours, styles, and designs. The point is that you can customise everything – from the lapel width to the number of suit buttons on the cuffs, and vents, and you can then have a suit that you can truly enjoy.