Wallet Chain: Fashion vs Practicality

Wallet Chain Fashion vs Practicality

Many people believe that wallet chains are not cool anymore. It is true that these items are not all the rage today but who said that their sole role is fashion? In fact, they are still in demand among people who are serious about the security of their possessions. Bikers and cyclists still deem them as essentials for long-hour rides. If you also have a two-wheeled friend, this post is exactly for you.

Utmost Security

The major mission of every wallet chain is to keep a wallet in place. If you carry your billfold in a bag it won’t go anywhere but bikers don’t use bags. They value comfort and easy access to money. Therefore, their wallets are in their pockets. Indeed, it is faster and more convenient to get a wallet out of a pocket. On the other hand, it is less secure. A wallet may slip out of a pocket when riding. Or a pickpocket may get his hands on your pocketbook. Finally, a rider may simply leave his wallet behind in some bar. In any case, a wallet and everything it accommodates will be gone. A wallet chain became a solution for riders to keep carrying billfolds in their pockets while ensuring their security. Even if a wallet falls out of a pocket, you won’t lose it. It will just hang on a chain till you shove it back to where it is supposed to be.

A Swiss Army Chain

We won’t talk about fashion in this post because fashion is subjective. Instead, we’d like to emphasize how versatile and useful wallet chains can be. Bikers shared interesting stories from their lives when wallet chains came to rescue.

If you’ve spent all your money during a multi-day ride, a massive chain made of precious metals may become your currency. Whether you take it to a pawn shop or get a deal with a bar owner, you can trade it for something useful – gas, food, drinks, etc.

Bikers are known for a short temper. Fights are not that rare in the riders community. If you are surrounded by foes, a solid chunky wallet chain can become your weapon. In general, bikers are very creative when it comes to alternative jewelry usage. In the 1950s, when many states prohibited brass knuckles, bikers utilized their burly rings as a substitution. So, if you have a tough wallet chain, you can wrap it around your fist to make your punch deadly dangerous. Or, swing it as a makeshift flail to intimidate the enemies. However, we hope you never have to resort to such extreme measures. Eloquence and persuasion are the most powerful weapons.

Finally, a wallet chain can secure shaky or broken motorcycle parts. Once, a fellow biker told me that a part holding the exhaust pipe in place just broke down. He could give it a quick fix with his metal wallet chain. He wrapped it around the pipe and attached both ends to the motorcycle so that the pipe stops wiggling. And what other surprising implementations for a wallet chain do you know?

Designs to Choose From

A tough and durable silver item is quite an expensive thing. If you’re not ready to pay an exorbitant price, there are plenty of wallet chains for sale or items made of less pretentious metals. Some chains don’t even feature any metals and are not really ‘chains’.

The most popular design of a wallet chain is a simple weaving with two clasps on both ends. Basically, it is like a chain necklace on steroids. These simple unremarkable models are a good option for practical individuals who don’t want extra attention to their wallets. They may differ in length, thickness, and type of weaving but the simplistic design unites them.

If you enjoy something more original and attention-grabbing, a skull chain is worth your consideration. It boasts a more sophisticated design featuring many skull-adorned links. Instead of skulls, a fancy chain may feature dragons, bones, crowns, lions, and other symbols. When purchasing such an item, you need to be ready for extra weight on your belt. On the other hand, it will draw in looks like a magnet.

Finally, there are leather wallet chains that are not actually chains. They are leather braids or ropes comprising of a few thin stripes. This design is almost weightless and ‘quiet’ since there are no links to jiggle when you walk. It is an ideal option to create a down to earth or Western look. Plus, a leather chain harmoniously matches a leather wallet, especially if they carry the same color.

Summing up, a wallet chain is a useful thing not only for money security but also for many unexpected events that may happen while riding. Thanks to the wealth of choice you can pick any model that suits your individuality and budget. Wallet chains are worth a shot, so what are you waiting for?