5 Popular Psychotherapies For North Americans

Are you feeling too much anxiety lately? Are you going through stressful period or have temper management issue These issues can be resolved with the help of counseling sessions.People these days have been facing above mentioned issues quite frequently. The rise in aggregate anger level among the people causes distress and discomfort in societies. We can experience an outrageous response on small matters.


Human beings are being careless of their surroundings and their worse effects on mind and health. As a result, human race is getting frustrated day by day.Moreover, people don’t have time to look after their mental and spiritual health hence, we are experiencing increasing deaths because of heart attacks, brain hemorrhage, nervous breakdown, and off course, suicides.

This is why, countries like USA and Canada are dealing with unexpected murders and social unrest in their major cities. To counter this situation, many counseling clinics have been introduced in these regions, such as Professional counselling centers, and more.

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Dialectical behavior therapy

DBT is an enhanced version of Cognative Behavioral Therapy. It is adapted to meet particular needs of clients who have borderline personality disorder. It is also offered by limited clinics

Cognitive-behavioral counselling

This is a directive model and is concerned with people’s beliefs and assumptions about themselves and the manner in which they describe experiences. The objective of this counselling is to eliminate negative thinking and irrational beliefs, thereby change behaviors towards positive direction.

In cognitive-behavioral counselling sessions, clients learn to identify self-defeating thoughts, to find connection between their behaviors, beliefs and emotions. They look for evidences that effect them negatively, and think of more realistic ways.

Rational-emotive behavioral counselling

This counselling has a theory that people have, or should have, only two goals in this world: to survive and stay alive, and to be satisfied. This counselling aims to get rid of the obstacles that prevent people from achieving these two goals, in their own ways. With the help of rational-emotive counselling sessions, people can learn to meet short-term and long-terms goals

Interpersonal therapy

This therapy focuses on relationship problems and examines emotional difficulties associated with them. IPT aims to strengthen and improve relationship in order to bring a positive change in moods and other symptoms that cause problems. The length of this therapy extends up to 16 sessions.

Solution focused therapy

This therapy is carried out in five sessions. These sessions are quite unique, because client and therapist spend little time discussing details and causes of the problems. The client learns to define his goals then the therapy moves on finding best resources to achieve them in the smallest possible time. This therapy is offered by limited number of personal counselling centers.


If you’re going through mental or emotional stress, these counselling techniques will help you restructure your thoughts to improve your behavior.