Be Well Prepared for Valentine’s Day Surprises

If you’re looking forward to spending a romantic evening with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’ve put lots of thought into how you want to dress for the occasion.  If you’ve made definite plans to go away together, you’ve probably been a couple long enough to know whether you should pack casual wear for hiking and riding bikes along scenic trails or bring more tailored apparel for those after theatre dinner parties your friends throw.  But if this is your first Valentine’s Day together, you might not have a clue to what’s going to happen.   One young lady realized she blew her Valentine’s Day proposal because she didn’t get the hints her shy beau made until a few days later.  First, he called and told her he wanted them to spend the evening at a place special to her.  So, she picked a restaurant in a nearby hotel where she needed to meet with a client. 

To her surprise, when they got to the hotel, not only did they have a beautiful dinner in the hotel’s five-star restaurant, instead of heading back home, they went upstairs to the suite he’d rented for the weekend.  Fortunately, she had become accustomed to nice surprises like this and thought it was to be just another special weekend with her sweetheart.  She had already used a banana republic factory coupon rom Groupon Coupons to shop for some new sportswear and accessories.  And she’d packed a LBD she bought from Banana Republic Factory with a sexy little bow-back for the dinner.  Then he dropped hints about going to city hall.  She listened.  He said, “you know what happens at city hall, don’t you?”  Sure, she said.  She had obtained her business license there and quickly made a note about paying her quarterly taxes when they returned home.  Then she went on and on to complain about the increased taxes and fees and how it was hurting small business owners.  Well, that must have taken the wind out of the sails of the ship heading for the big proposal, because after that, and being rebuffed on other attempts he made, he let it drop.

Two days later, he finally got up the nerve to let her know show special she was.  Sensing what was about to happen, she sat down and listened intently.  For the first time, she saw more than love in his eyes.  She saw tears.   And as he got down on one knee, her hands flew to her mouth to stifle the joyous shriek that was forming there as he popped the age-old question.  She finally let go to grab his face and smother it with kisses as she murmured a passionate “yes.”