How To Keep Love Alive In Relationships?


Falling in love is easy; keeping the love alive is difficult; at least for a majority of people. After a period, many couples believe that their relationship has become boring and has a bleak future. It could be due to various reasons work pressure, differences, long-distance, and many others that the couples may feel the feeling of affection, love, and intimacy is no longer stimulating. They feel the flame, passion is gone, and it’s time to say “Goodbye.”

Well, it’s impossible to prevent stale moments from occurring in relationships, but couples can surely take steps to strengthen their relationship to minimize the impact. Keeping the spark alive and fresh in the relationship, whether you are in your 20s or 90s just requires infusing life with some fun and pleasurable activities.

If you are in a relationship that you feel is going down the hill, now it’s the time to save it. Here are a few tips to rekindle the love with your partner. Bonus point, use your creativity to touch these processes.

  • Keep Dating Each Other:  Dating isn’t exclusive for young couples. Even if you are married for years, do not give up on dating.  Going out with your partner provides a change of scenery and fresh setting. Consider making dates a regular part of your relationship life. Every Time you do not have to go somewhere fancy. At home, you can also have a dinner date, pizza date, Netflix date, and so on. Then, it need not to be limited for a few hours, if possible make it a weekend getaway date, etc.
  • Go on honeymoons: Who said honeymoon is just for married couples. Even as lovers; you could go on a honeymoon to spice up the intimacy. Intimacy in a relationship is important; physical and mental. Once in a year, you both could give yourself and your relationship a break that it deserves. It will surely keep your relationship on track.
  • Unplug: Disconnect from technology, so you can connect with each other. Unplug for a while in a day to enjoy each other’s company without interruptions. Make this a regular habit for the sake of your relationship.
  • Feed Each Other: If you want to keep your partner happy, you must keep his/her tummy happy. Feed each other with homemade delicacies and dishes. Cook for each other and then serve them with your hands. On special days, like birthdays and anniversaries; you could bake a cake or avail cake delivery in Noida  at your place.  Cut a slice of cake and first give a bite to your partner.
  • Spend Romantic Time: You do not have to step out of your comfort every time to have a romantic time with each other. Even staying at home, you can have a good and cosy time. Give massages to each other, easing the tensions. Take a hot bubble bath with champagne maybe. Then, afterwards decorate the room with candles and walk hand-in-hand to the room. Rest you know better how to spice up things.
  • Hide Love Notes: Surprises add to relationships the much-needed spark. Go the good old ways and hide love notes. Stuck love notes inside the books, under the plates, in wallets. Words will surely paint the moment bright and romantic.
  • Communicate the language of Love: Communication is important in every relationship, whether it is fresh and years old. Communicate to sort the differences, to express what you truly feel. At times, communicate in the language of love. Indulge in lovey-dovey chats; cute banter, etc.
  • Read and Write Poetry: Poetry is the language of love that every lover understands. Read poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, or Kabir; the gurus of love poetry. Try writing love poems, lines, Shayari for each other as well.

These emotional interchanges are the main course of a relationship, while intimacy is the sweet dessert. Strike a balance between both, and take your relationship to the next whole level.