The Best Beauty Beds For Your Salon

With continuous advancements in each and every sector, beauty salons also need to be up to date with all the latest technologies and services. One of the latest advancements and innovations are being observed in beauty beds and couches. Beauty beds are of sheer class and high quality. They are the need of the hour for any beauty salon new or old. Customers only avail those services which are new and comfortable also. With advancements in beauty techniques, beauty equipment also needs to be updated. People walk to the salons to get some relaxation from their hectic and exhausting routines and if they do not feel comfortable at the salons and parlors, they will eventually find some other good salon or even try to discover some other way to get relaxation.

Beauty beds and couches provide the customers with comfort, relief and pleasure. They come in different styles and models; each with its unique and distinct features and specifications. Most common beauty beds are the portable beauty beds and they are also considered as the first type of beauty beds ever made. Beauty beds are now considered as the vital component of all the beauty salon equipment. They have any usages. From massage to hair-cut, they can be used for many purposes and many salons are also using them to fulfill the demands of their clients.

Continuous innovations have led to the modification of beauty beds also. The biggest innovation in beauty beds is the invention of Hydraulic Beauty Bed. Beauty beds have now electrical motors which make the work easier to perform. Elegans deals in two kinds of beauty beds.

  1. i) Electric Beauty Bed with Single Motor:
    The height of these beauty beds can be adjusted according to the need, the back can also be adjusted as the case and need may be. They have a single motor in them that makes it easier to adjust the height of the bed. The height can be varied between 65cm – 85cm. There is a removable pillow which makes it very easy to clean the beauty bed. Backrest and footrest angle can be varied manually which is an added advantage.
  1. ii) Electric Beauty Bed with Four Motors:

This electric beauty bed is fully electric and can be used in infinite positions. It is height adjustable, head and foot separately adjustable and also there is a breathing hole in the head rest. Arms can also be removed in case of need. The cushion used is also very comfortable to provide with an easing and soothing experience.
Salon owners need to realize that in order to attract more and more customers to their salons they have to make advancements in their salons as well as in their methods also. It is also a fact that a big number of customers only walk to the salons where they find proper and new salon equipment and most of those people opt for the salons with the best and the most comfortable beauty beds. Elegans deals in beauty beds which are made of high class material and soft and comfortable cushions to give the customers a nice salon experience to remember for a long time. Elegans provide the best salon equipment in Australia at an affordable price and are now emerging as the best dealers and suppliers of beauty salon equipment. Elegans also give substantial warranties for their products and particularly for beauty beds and also after sale service.