Does Buying YouTube Views Really Work?

YouTube is also one of the top websites in the world and it is even becoming one fo the top social media soon. Every businessman is switching over to YouTube to enhance their services. But sometimes with fewer views count or subscribers, they feel demotivated. Every You Tuber wants a massive number of subscribers. However, not everyone succeeds in it.

To gain views there are three ways

  • Organic views – Organic views come naturally when people like the content and share with more people. Moreover, YouTube optimises that video which helps to gain even more views. Many YouTubers create quality content that gets viral within a short duration. Potential and lot of patience are needed to gain organic views.
  • Views from ads – For video marketing campaigns, most of the YouTubers gain views by buying ads. Google has its own ad platform which can view ads on different platforms owned by Google.
  • Paid views – It is also in trend to buy views that have both positive and negative effects on YouTubers. Most of the YouTubers buy views to gain popularity.

Buying views is always being a controversial topic. Some YouTubers find it legit while others think it is an illegal act. There are some myths about buying YouTube views.

Myth about Buying YouTube Views

Myth about Buying YouTube Views

  • It is illegal to buy YouTube views – According to YouTube’s terms and services; it is completely legal to buy YouTube views until you are not using any fake tricks or buying any bot views from 3rd party.
  • Your account will be suspended – Your account can only be suspended or banned if you post content against the terms and services of YouTube or any illegal content.
  • Video with paid views can be removed -There are many reasons your video can be removed from YouTube but buying views of course not one of them. But if you are buying from a cheap provider then there can be a risk of deletion of that video.
  • Views count will get stuck at a certain limit – Whether you buy views or generate organic traffic to your video, YouTube freezes the views in both cases to evaluate it before carrying it further for more views. In fact, the paid views help your videos to get rid of the problems including being stuck with views at any point.
  • All the views are fake – It is assumed that the views are automatically generated using techniques. But in reality, you are paying to let other users watch your video organically. It depends upon the providers whether they are giving you organic traffic or inorganic views.

Pros of Buying YouTube Views

Pros of Buying YouTube Views

  • You will get more viewers at the initial stage – For starting a business on YouTube, 0 subscribers or views make you look unprofessional. So instead of starting from nil, you can buy YouTube subscribers and views. With the high number of views, users are more likely to watch your videos as it shows the credibility of the channel.
  • It will drive traffic to your YouTube channel – More views will eventually make your videos viral and every user will spend time to check your videos as well as your channel. That leads to the organic growth of your channel too. It will also increase your brand reputation and authenticity so that users can trust your brand and support you.
  • It will help your channel to rank on the first page of the search engine -If the views count of your video is more, then you might get a good Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rank for relevant searches within a short duration.
  • It will help you to get the push – Getting success in the initial stage is quite difficult but not impossible. With a few amount of paid views your video will start growing, reaching out to every user. It will help you to grow in your digital working place and eventually help you to get success.

Cons of Buying YouTube Views

  • Fake subscribers will be removed – When you are buying views for a video, you are getting views and subscribers because of that particular video. It is not necessary that you will get the same response to the rest of your videos which leads to the decreasing of engagement rate and increasing of fake or dead subscribers. These fake subscribers will be removed during the auditing process of YouTube and your subscriber count will be less.
  • Views are not topic targeted – The viewers you get after buying views are real but not your niche targeted. If you are buying viewers to gain popularity then it will be effective. But if you are a businessman and selling products through YouTube then it will not be effective completely to reach out to your target customers.
  • Like and comment count will be less as compare to views count – Most of the users assume that they will get likes and comments along with views but it’s not true. You can only get organic views and if the viewers find your video worthy which will lead to more likes and comments on your video.
  • You may fall into scams – Buying views are sometimes risky because of scammers. There are both genuine and cheap service providers. The genuine provider will give you organic views that will grow your video as well as your channel whereas the cheap providers will give you bot views that are automatically generated and can spam your video. In the end, you will lose both your account and money.

What can you buy apart from YouTube views?

You can buy everything of YouTube like other social media platforms. It includes:

  • YouTube views
  • YouTube likes
  • YouTube comments
  • YouTube subscribers

To sum up, buying views can be effective to grow your YouTube channel only if your content is good enough to view. Worthy content is always in trend no matter where you get the views from. You need to work on your content to meet the expectations of your viewers.