How Laser Hair Removal In Etobicoke Laser Clinic Is Done?

Laser hair removal treatment has been in existence for more than two decades and all the misunderstandings surrounding it are fading away as myths. Now, people consider it as one of the best methods to instantly remove unwanted hair on a permanent basis. The technology is advancing everyday and new laser treatments are made available for patients. Let’s understand the process of laser hair removal in an Etobicoke laser clinic by understanding about the laser first.

A laser set to a specific wavelength is exposed to the skin where the hair is to be removed. The lasers emitters send a beam targeting the follicle and the melanin. As the laser passes through the pigment and reaches the follicle it starts to fall off and will not grow. The process is fairly simple and takes very little time. However, it is known that laser hair removal in Etobicoke works well for those with dark hair – fair skin or dark skin – white hair. This has also changed in recent years with the use of lasers that have longer wavelengths and equipment that is capable of detecting the difference between similar colors and identifying the follicle precisely.

Multiple Sessions of treatment

There are men outside the medical zone who complain that laser treatment intentionally makes more sessions so that they can draw the patients into paying more money. Well, there might be some fraudulent clinics that do so but the fact is laser hair treatment requires multiple sessions. The reason behind this is known as resting phase of hair. All the laser clinics in Etobicoke are aware of this factor, which can be explained as the hair that rests making it impossible for the lasers to detect them. It is impossible for hair to actively grow all the time and several sessions ensure that all the hair in different stages is taken care of. If there are any doubts regarding these sessions, just message us to our Facebook or Twitter profiles.

In the good old days, when laser treatment was invented patients had to suffer some pain because of the treatment methods. But, now there is no such problem as pain during the procedure. The laser equipment sends cold air immediately after sending a laser beam making the target point numb. Moreover, the doctors from any Etobicoke laser clinic would clearly explain about the process and the procedure they follow. This would include the mention of level of pain one would feel during the sessions. In general, the pain would not exceed more than pain levels when pinched by someone.

Every state in Canada provides strict guidelines to the clinics about the procedures and asks for timely updates from the clinics to know about their use of the equipment. The health department would suggest new methods after testing and ensuring that everything is alright. This means that the patient can safely enter laser clinics in Etobicoke and ask for laser hair removal. The process is permanent and would not require to see a doctor for the same purpose again.