Wedding Favors For Under $1

Wedding favors are an expense that most couples planning a wedding overlook. That often means that many couples don’t even start shopping for their wedding favors until just a few weeks before their wedding date, and the budget can be incredibly tight by that point. However, there are some pretty cool wedding favors out there that won’t destroy your remaining budget; in fact, there are plenty of great options that will cost you less than $1 per guest! Here are a few of my favorite wedding favors that will get you change back for your George Washington.

S’mores in a Bag

Whether you’re having an evening reception where there will be a campfire or you just want a tasty treat to send home with your wedding guests, it’s hard to go wrong with a kit to make S’mores. All you need to do is put some graham crackers, a jumbo marshmallow, and half of a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar in a small cellophane bag with a twist-tie and label on it to create the perfect edible wedding favor.

Cookie-Cutter Candles

Most of us know how simple it is to make our own candles; all you need to do is melt some soy wax flakes into a mold and add a wick. Though they are most appropriate for winter weddings, by using metal cookie-cutters as the mold for your candles, you can create a wedding favor that offers guests two different uses. Once they are finished with the candle, they can clean the cookie-cutter and use it to make Christmas cookies. Best of all, you can get the candle-making supplies and cookie-cutters at a dollar store for less than $1 per guest.

Wedding Sparklers

There are all sorts of fun uses for sparklers at your wedding, and they are usually very inexpensive to purchase. When you’re buying by the case, most companies offer sparklers for weddings at under twenty-five cents each which makes them one of the least expensive wedding favors available. Wedding sparklers add a lot of fun to certain parts of your wedding from your first kiss to your first dance, and with such a low price tag it should be easy to fit them into your budget.

Seed Packets

With eco-friendly wedding favors so hot right now, giving your guests seed packets can be a great idea. You and your partner can each choose your favorite wildflowers and create packets of seeds with a mix of them. You can make them yourself using recycled paper as a pouch with your wedding date printed on the outside, or you can order them already packaged for you. Either way, they cost way less than $1 per seed packet and your guests can watch the flowers grow and blossom in the same way that your love did.

Just because you are on a tight budget and waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t find wonderful wedding favors that your guests will adore. Whether you’re willing to put in a little labor to make them yourself or you just want to purchase affordable wedding favors that are ready to go, there are plenty of great options that will only set you back $1 or less.