White zircon, Gemstone


Zircon is the gemstone symbolizing the planet Venus. For the people with the horoscope of Taurus and Libra, White zircon is the perfect gemstone to own. The zircon gemstone is the symbol of beauty and luxury. The composition of the white zircon gemstone is:

Chemical composition:   ZrSiO4

Color:  Ranges from white, blue, red, colorless, green, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray

Crystal arrangement: Tetragonal Crystal.

Refractive Index: Ranges from 1.930 – 1.987

Specific Gravity: Ranges from 4.6 – 4.8

Transparency: Transparent

Luster: Adamantine

Cleavage: 3, 2

Mineral: Zircon

White Zircon is very powerful and holds immense power. It is very beautiful and fashionable too. In the astrological field, white zircon has great importance. It can balance several chakras of the wearer. White zircon is the alternative for the diamond. It sparkles same as the diamond and can replace diamond. The zircon gemstone is found naturally in Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Australia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Instead of using the stone directly, it is first treated with heat to make the stone sparkle for a longer duration of time. The zircon gemstone is more sensitive to sunlight, so the sunlight can damage and dull the stone, but the heat treatment before use can make it long lasting shiny and sparkling.


The price of white zircon is less expensive as compared to honey zircon. Red zircon is more expensive than the honey zircon.

What are the benefits of white Zircon Gemstone?

White Zircon is believed to have the mystical power and is used since ancient time. Keeping the stone close to the body in any way will benefit the wearer. It can be used as ring, necklace, bracelets, or pendants. This event will help in the flow of the positive energy in your body. To list the benefits of the white zircon consider the following points:

  • Zircon gemstone is the alternative for the diamond. It can be used as an engagement ring. People use white zircon as an alternative for sapphire too.
  • To maintain and build a good relationship, zircon gemstone is the best gemstone. It creates a positive vibe for the person that enhances the relation status. It also prevents the conflicts between the couples and ensures the long lasting relationship.
  • The best benefits the wearer can achieve by using the white zircon gemstone is the drastic enhancement in the health. The abdominal problems and chronic health disease can be cured by the energies released from the zircon gemstone.
  • The memory power and concentration, power of the wearer is increased by the continuous use of this stone. For the students and learner, it is highly recommended wearing the zircon gemstone embedded ring. This will boost the memory power and concentration abilities. Hence, it helps in achieving the good academics.
  • It protects the wearer from the negative energies. For the people who are affected by the nightmares and bad thoughts, the zircon gemstone calms the mind and body releasing the positive vibe and energy. It is also helpful for the depressed people.
  • Keeping the stone near to your body in any way enhances the career progress. It helps in earning more money and makes you financially stable. You find more opportunities after the use of this zircon stone that helps you in progressing your career.
  • For balancing several chakras, zircon gemstone plays a vital role. It balances the power between spiritual and emotional bridges.
  • The zircon stone holds the power of Venus and uses it for the positive energy development for the wearer. So, it can complete the incomplete tasks, the stuck projects and provides you with luck in your newly started tasks.


In this way, white zircon stone benefits the wearer and helps them grow emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. It is the alternative for diamond and sapphire that holds the immense power of the planet Venus. If worn properly, it balances the astrological positions and gives a great strength for the wearer in many ways. If you are having problems in your health, having nightmares, bad thoughts and any other emotional breakdowns then the use of zircon will solve all these problems for sure.