Amazon’s Management: Team Behind the Most Successful Company

Amazon stock

Amazon is of the biggest company in the world. The reason behind the success of this company is the people who are managing it. We all are aware of Jeff Bezos success story, but the other people are often left out.

These unknown faces not only hold Amazon stock but are an important part of the company’s management team. These people put all the efforts to keep the company going.

The estimated value of the company is 1.3 trillion. It went from nothing to everything in just 26 years. No other company has managed to do this.

Amazon’s Management Team:

The company’s founder Jeff Bezos gives credit for the popularity of his company to the management team and senior staff. Here are the members of the core team.

  • Jeff Bezos:

Even though he is the founder of the company, he still holds a very important position in management. He is the CEO and chairman of the company. Before he started Amazon, he used to work in program development of hedge funds. He used to manage $250 billion worth of hedge funds. He is also the owner of Blue Origin. It is a space-travel company. He also holds most of the Amazon Stock. In the year 1999, his net worth was $145 billion.

  • Brian Olsavsky:

He is Amazon’s Senior Vice President. He is also Chief Financial Officer of the company. He is responsible for managing the finance of the company. He takes cares of the audit and investors. Earlier, he was a part of the consumer business. Before Amazon, he used to work at various managerial level positions.

Amazon stock

  • Jeffery M. Blackburn:

He is the senior vice-president of business development. Before this, he was the vice-president. In early days, he used to work at Deutsche Bank. He was the assistant vice president of the company. He has done BA and MBA.

  • Andrew R. Jassy:

He is the CEO of web services. Ever since Amazon started cloud computation, he has been with the company. He develops cloud infrastructure. He joined this company in the year 1997. He takes care of AWS. He has done MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • David Zopolsky:

He is the senior vice-president of general counsel. He became a part of Amazon in the year 1999. He takes care of all the litigations and regulations. He also oversees all the legal affairs of the company. He is also the compliance officer. Before this, he was an attorney in New York.

These people are part of the management team. They are the one who manages the company effectively taking it to new heights. You can check its cash flow at to verify that.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.